Collect it Because You Love it

Collections and the very act of acquiring items that we truly enjoy is an important aspect of being human. It gives us a feel good feeling to be surrounded by items that we admire or are fascinated by. Collecting is a hobby that stimulates not only our emotions but also our imagination.

The items that interest you are of value to you and it is this desirability that makes it a collectible. The items a child gathers as keepsakes are as personally important to them as are those items acquired by adults. These items are valuable so long as someone wishes to acquire them.

Each and every collection is beyond value to the person who has taken the time to acquire it. Dad might own a rare coin collection valued in the thousands of dollars but it is no more valuable to him than little Tracy’s collection of stickers is to her. Each hobby is no less important intrinsically than any other and could one day be equal in dollar worth should chance decide it.

Personally it is a highly rewarding …