Clawdeen Wolf Werewolf Doll

She is one fang-tastic wild teen werewolf. Clawdeen Wolf is one of the ghoul dolls in the Monster High School toy group. You would never find her at a typical high school though. She is furry, fanged, and has a wild tendency to flip her head back and howl at the moon.

Fortunately her friends understand there is just something about a full moon that makes her go a little wild. It's a wolf thing and Clawdeen is a teen werewolf. It's in her DNA.

Clawing, biting, sniffing, and chewing her way through high school her personality can definitely be a little frightening. If you happen to get on her bad side it can be pretty spooky. She can certainly scare the heck out of her enemies anytime she takes a notion to start howling.

Clawdeen like all the ghouls loves attending Monster High School. She pounces into class each morning with a snarl on her lips and a deep throaty hello growl. Did I happen to mention that these dolls really are a lot different then others?

The Monster High dolls are line of teen monster dolls from Mattel and really are something to howl about. They are very popular with tween and early teen children so if you are gift hunting take a peek at these.
Being a werewolf Clawdeen is covered in rich velvety brown fur which makes her quite a beautiful beastie. Her love of everything fashion helps add to her gorgeous look. She loves fashion and has a wide variety of delightful clothing and hair styles she wears. 
Each Clawdeen doll comes out with a new and very distinctive look. An especially fun aspect of this dolls design is the variety of different hair styles on each. Her hair color has changed with each new look she tries on pink, green, purple, and brown.

She is one gorgeously styling werewolf. You can bet that you won't find Clawdeen without her claws polished, her fangs cleansed, and her fur sleek and shining. She is absolutely positively out of this world.

Her brother Clawd is also a werewolf and like many siblings they tend to argue quite a lot. Clawdeen attends school along with the other teen beasts and although she tries really hard to get along with the other ghouls her wild nature sometimes does get in the way.

Her werewolf siblings brother Claud and sister Howleen also attend Monster High school with her and that can be a little annoying too. Some days it really is quite difficult for Clawdeen to control her growl.

There is Serious Rivalry Between Clawdeen and Cleo de Nile

She is a member of the famous Fearleading squad which is their version of a cheerleading squad. Clawdeen is best ghoul friends with team mates Draculaura and Frankie Stein who are also cheer leaders but she does not get along too well with the team captain Cleo de Nile. In fact they dislike each other immensely.

This rivalry is really kind of funny because Cleo and Clawdeen seem to have a lot in common with each other or at least a little in common with each other. They are both highly stylish and they both adore the color gold. One would think that they should be best friends instead.

Clawdeen has plans for a future career in the world of fashion. She is planning to run her very own fashion empire when she graduates from school. You may notice that even now she sports an ever changing array of fashion styles. (Love the green hair Clawdeen).

In school her favorite class is economics (because it will her in her future career goal) and her least favorite class is Gym (Think about it. Sweats, running shoes, sweating! Ugh how fashionable is that?) It's enough to make you bite off your paw. 

Clawdeen Has a Habit of Growling When She is Provoked

In the evening you will generally find her down at the local mall shopping for new clothes or over at the local meat shop chowing down on a nice thick steak. The rarer the better. (Rare steak is her favorite food in case you didn't know). You may also catch sight of her howling at the local boys there. She's a real flirt when she chooses to be. 

Which hair color do you think looks best on Clawdeen?
  • Natural wolf brown.
  • Passionate Pink.
  • Ghoulishly Green.
  • Positively PurpleMulti color (Let all your personalities out to play)

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