Clawd Wolf Were Wolf Doll

He is a tall dark and handsome teen werewolf. Clawd Wolf is one of the boys in the original line up of Monster High School dolls and he truly is leader of the pack. Kind of heart and a gentleman through and through he is as sweet as any werewolf can be.

He is Clawdeen's older brother and he is one hunk of a handsome monster. A lot of the girls at Monster High give him the eye but he howls for only one girl.

He and Draculaura have known each other for at least a hundred years but their friendship recently blossomed into something much more monstrously wonderful. They are falling in love with one another and it is a romance that seems to have been meant to be.

Brushing his fangs, shaking his furry mane, or howling at the moon Clawd Wolf truly is a living doll. He is a popular toy with both boys and girls in the tween age range.

Clawd Wolf is the leader of the pack when it comes to being an all around great monster and with his huge muscular build he is naturally one of the leading players on the Monster High football team.

He Stands Out as a Leader of the Werewolf Pack

This werewolf jock though isn't just muscle brawn and sleek brown fur he is studying at School for a career in sports medicine and his grades are well up there to prove that he is serious about his education and future career as a doctor.
He is an all around nice guy and liked by almost everyone at school but he and his sisters do tend to argue more than a little as is typical of siblings. 

Clawd's favorite school subject is Biteology while his least favorite subject is Home Ick.

Being a teenage werewolf it is just natural that his favorite food is a nice big steak. Which is actually kind of funny because his girlfriend Draculaura faints at the mere sight of meat. They really are an adorably cute odd couple.

You would think that with all their differences that they would not be able to get along. I guess it is because they are both such sensational sweethearts that they suit each other so perfectly well. Biting, clawing, chewing, and howling are considered well mannered for these two teen ghouls.
He truly is one cool fanged beast. When Clawd isn't studying hard at school then he likes to hang out with the other ghouls. He's a great guy so he gets along well with everyone at Monster High.

You will also find him practicing and playing his favorite sport every chance he gets. This is one werewolf who absolutely loves the game of football and participates as often as he can.

Clawd and His Sisters Live in a Big Old Haunted Mansion 

His favorite color is teal and he gets a lot of fashion advice from his sister Clawdeen who always likes to see style at its very best. These two get along howlingly well when they aren't busy fighting with each other. It's a sibling thing.
You can find one package of Monster High dolls where the Wolf siblings are sold as a 4 doll set. It makes it easy to get this werewolf pack in one mighty bite which is kind of nice. 

A fun set that my granddaughter received was a 2 doll set featuring Clawd and his girlfriend Draculaura. You'll just have to check into what is available at the time when you are shopping. 

The old dolls retire and new dolls come onto the market on a regular basis. It seems to help keep them popular with the kids keeping up on the latest new members to this line of dolls. They are quite a popular collectible for the tween age group.

Like the other Monster High teen dolls Clawd also has a pet. His pet is a cute little gargoyle bulldog named Rockseena and she looks like she may have chewed down a steak or two in her day. Her fangs are pretty big.

Being a teenage werewolf is pretty easy for Clawd (other than the fur thing that is). About the only thing that he really does not like about being a werewolf is the constant shedding of fur as it can be a little annoying. What do you think is the toughest aspect of being a werewolf?

Combing your face.
The drool. Oh gosh but that is gross.
Shedding (gosh I hate that).
Brushing your fangs every morning.
When a cat crosses your path.
Full moon madness.
The urge to chase cars.

If you have a child that is between the age of 7 and 14 the the Monster High dolls would be a nice gift idea. They have acquired a highly popular fan base with this age of kids. I'm not sure if it is the monster aspect or because these ghouls go through many of the same issue that other kids do. Whatever the reason any one of these dolls will be a great gift choice. Check with your tween to see if it is an item they would enjoy.

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