Toralei Stripe Kitten Doll

It doesn't take much for her to show her claws. Toralei Stripe pounces into Monster High school with claws out and fur flying. 

She's a beautiful orange stripe kitten doll born of werecat parents. Sleekly enticing Toralei's soft fur and big green eyes can easily melt the coldest heart.

She's purr-fectly adorable except for one tiny little internal flaw to accent her otherwise gorgeous exterior, she's a bit of a wildcat.

Toralei was raised on the streets and although she really only wants to be liked she's a kitten who has a very nasty habit of using her claws to solve her disputes.

When she is not attending classes Toralei likes to spend time with her best friends Meowlody and Purrsephone. She also loves to snuggle up with her pet saber tooth tiger Sweet Fang.
The Monster High Toralei doll is all claws, fur, and purrs, and kids love her. Some people think that she can be mean but she is actually a teen monster who it is pretty easy to relate to.

As a small werecat kitten Toralei saw her siblings get adopted out but somehow she did not manage to find a home of her own. So she learned to survive on her own. She can be very independent, determined, sensitive, and lovable. She can also be incredibly sneaky.

During the day you will find Toralei busy scratching and clawing her way through high school. In the afternoon and evening you can often find her cat napping. This kitten doll loves to nap.

The Monster High dolls are popular with tween age girls and they come in such a wonderful array of designs that there is one for every girl to relate to. No matter which style she wears what Toralei loves most in the world is her saber tooth tiger cub Sweet Fang. This pair of beguiling pussy cats both love to nap so they spend a great deal of their free time just snuggling and napping.

Appearing with a delightful new look is the Toralei Coffee Bean doll and she is glamorously sweet. Her hair is longer and her nails a little shorter but this hot tempered kitty still purrs delightfully deep when she is angered. She has the temper of an alley cat and is certainly not afraid to show when she is upset.

Raised as an Alley Cat it is Difficult to Resist Being Sneaky

The Ghouls Alive doll has a considerably tamer design compared with Toralei's other looks. Sophisticated and charming she looks ready to launch into a new career. Looking super sweet it is difficult to imagine her when she gets rowdy. Pounce girl Pounce! 

Toralei has always maintained her orange locks but if she was to decide to dye her fur what color do you think it should be?

A sleek black.Gorgeous grey.
Alley cat calico.
A rich velvety brown.
Innocent white to trick unsuspecting newcomers to Monster High.

Interested in knowing a few of Toralei's favorite things? Although most teens don't really like all the work that High School brings with it Toralei loves attending Monster High. It gives her a home (of sorts) to go to each day.

When she is up and about you may find Monster High's Toralei enjoying her favorite snack. A big tall ice cold glass of milk with a nice big plate of anchovies to the side. It's enough to have her purring all day. Bone crunchingly yummy.
Alike Other Cats Toralei Also Has Nine Lives

Toralei's favorite subject at school is drama and her least favorite one is math. Of course her favorite color is orange, gorgeous alley cat orange, sigh.She is constantly cleaning her soft orange locks, and even the thought of grooming her silky striped fur is enough to make her purr, it's a cat thing. 

Ghoul Beauty Tips

1. Brush your fangs.
2. Comb your mane.
3. Shave your face, legs, and arms.
4. Trim your claws.
5. Pretty up your paws
6. Be sure you have all your body parts intact before you leave the house.

When my granddaughters started collecting the Monster High dolls they passed their addiction for this unique collection of ghouls along to me as well. We held photo shoots to get pictures of the dolls as they acquired them. The girls are older now but they still enjoy their collections and proudly display on their dressers their favorite dolls in various poses. For tweens these toys are a fun gift to receive.

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