TY Beanie Babies

Why should you buy, collect, or invest in the once highly collectible Ty Beanie Baby Babies? Many individuals feel that the tiny plush toy known as Ty Beanie Babies are an item which has seen its time pass as a viable collectible. 

Yet the Ty Beanies were once in such high demand that they sold for astounding prices at online auction sites. These tiny plush toys were scooped up as each new Beanie Baby hit the store shelf. Collectors anxiously awaited each new arrival and tucked away two or three for future selling.

The market seems to be flooded with these cute cuddly little plush beanie baby toys and this has many individuals giving up on the once very popular collectible. So should you continue to buy these adorable little beanies who's only crime seems to lie in the fact that they have captured the heart of the world round? If you love them then go for it.

Ty Warner introduced Beanie babies to the world in 1993 at the World Toy Fair in New York City where he offered a selection of 9 of his first original Beanie Baby creations for sale. Other toy retailers laughed off Ty's flattened beanie babies as looking like "Roadkill" but the little Beanie Babies were an immediate hit with consumers.

The low ticket price of Ty Warner's cute little Beanie babies was the ticket to their success. Ty had wanted to create a toy that children could afford to purchase with their small allowances and the Beanie Baby line up fit this niche need perfectly. The beanies low price is also one of the reasons why millions of Beanie Babies now exist in toy boxes and collections,world wide. 

Ty fortunately has a unique system of retiring his Beanie babies so that the market is not flooded with any one specific Ty Beanie baby. This means that there is always the possibility of a few of these styles becoming highly collectible in the future.

However because of the sheer number of these toys that have been marketed this mass volume of Beanie Babies now have collectors slowing their heels on attempting to continually update their collections. They are a small sized toy but their are thousands of them available.

There are so many styles of Beanie Babies and although individually they are quite reasonably priced for serious collectors to continue to acquire 2 or 3 of each Beanie Baby can add up to quite a tidy sum for them to invest. On top of the investment cost one must also add in the storage space for the thousands of these that a serious collector could accumulate.

Oh my but it really is enough to make one wonder if it is worth all the time, effort, and money involved in keeping up a good collection. So should you still buy and collect Ty Beanie Baby items? As with all commodities it is always wise to keep the first rule of collecting items upper most in your mind at all times. That rule is to collect items which will bring you enjoyment.

If an item fascinates you or brings you pleasure then it is an item that is worth collecting. Collect items that you love and enjoy and your collectibles will be a good investment. Being surrounded by articles you love is a wonderful way to turn the process of collecting items into a very satisfying hobby. If your collectibles increase in market value then this will simply be an added bonus for you.

Will Ty Beanie Baby collectibles ever be a great financial investment again? These tiny toys may be a highly collectible item again if people continue to find them an attractive item to collect. 

Generally as in all coveted items there will always be a few rarities appear every once in a while which eventually become valuable. If you are extremely lucky then perhaps you will be the individual who has acquired a rare Ty Beanie baby and now hold it safely within the confines of your collection. If you are very lucky then maybe one of your treasured little beanie collectibles will turn out to be one of those which in the future rises up in popularity above the others. Only time will tell.

Another factor which makes a toy valuable is its age. Most toys become more valuable as they age with some vintage items being worth thousands of dollars. The rule of collecting toys is that generally the older a toy is then usually also the rarer it is and the more rare the toy is, then the more valuable it becomes. This is generally true because items are damaged and discarded through time making good quality items rarer to find. 

Perhaps if you hold onto your Beanie Babies long enough then it will be their age which increases their value although this is certainly not a rule to hold fast by. Sometimes manufacturers continue to release the items thereby limiting their future value as a collectible.

Many Ty Beanie Baby collectors are still watching for their tiny treasured collectibles to once again take their place in the spotlight and shine. In the mean while most of these collectors are simply happy to be surrounded by the adorable little plush toys that make up their collections.

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