Collecting Toys

Have you thought of starting a toy collection? Many don’t realize that they may already be participating in this hobby. These tiny treasures are keepsakes of both children and adults.

Most of us have a favorite toy or two from childhood that we have managed to carry with us throughout the years. Some individuals get hit with the toy collecting bug when they spot a unique or vintage toy at a garage sale or in a store window.

Other people begin acquiring these playthings while helping their own children pick out toys that they enjoy. The parents then share in the fun of seeking out, admiring, displaying, and even playing with these finds. From that point on they are hooked. It can be very difficult to resist the charm of these fun playthings of our past. Collecting toys can be one of the most delightful and heartwarming hobbies that a person can participate in. 

Whether these toys are from a hundred years ago or they are the first of their kind to hit store shelves there is a simplicity within playthings that fascinate and amuse us no matter what our age. Finding a new toy to add to our display can excite and delight us with the same thrill that we experienced when receiving a new toy as a child.

The truly great thing about collecting toys is that there are just so many fascinating ones out there. Children grow up and their toys are usually boxed away, sold at garage sales or auctions, or donated to thrift stores. If you are collecting vintage toys then this certainly works to your advantage. 

Depending on the type of toy that you choose to collect there are thousands of reasonably priced toys out there for sale. You just have to find them. Garage sales, Thrift stores, Goodwill stores, and local auctions can net some very unique finds for a fraction of the toy's current market value.

When seeking out rarer toys visit online auction sites such as eBay where the tendency to host an array of merchandise from a number of countries can greatly increase your chances of finding the specific toy or toys that you are searching for. By placing an advertisement in local, state, or provincial papers can also net you some wonderful finds.

Whenever you are creating a collection of any kind never under estimate the benefits of word of mouth advertising. Let your friends, relatives and business acquaintances know the type of toys that you are searching for and you may be surprised at what they are able to discover for you.

Most friends and relatives are almost excited as you when they realize that they have found an important item to add to your collection. Just let them know the price range that you are willing to pay for specific toys and be sure to compensate them for their finds.

Collecting toy cars, toy dolls, action figures, Legos, transformers or any other play items, whether new or old can be a delightful past time to participate in. You simply choose the items that you wish to collect, the price ranges that you are willing to pay for these toys, and then start hunting.

If you are searching out the latest toys as they appear on store shelves then prepare to be the first one at a store when the new ones come on sale. Popular items can sell out quickly. If you are haunting out older toys to add to a vintage toy collection then prepare to use a number of sources to find your items and to search these markets on a regular basis.
No matter which type of toy it is that you collect when these collections are creatively displayed they can be absolutely breathtaking. Colorful, decorative, unusual, and exciting they are a joy to view and can be even more of a delight to collect.

Whatever type of toy it is that you choose to search out don’t forget the most important rule of collecting and that is to have fun with it. Collect items that you love and love the items that you collect.

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