Ty Sock Monkey

You won't find this little sock monkey swinging from tree to tree in the jungle or folded away in the dresser drawer with the other socks. These sweet monkeys are being adopted, collected, traded, and displayed.

Both children and adults are falling in love with these cute little bean filled sock monkeys. Socks is not one monkey but instead an entire collection of adorable TY Beanie Baby monkeys. Each one is designed with its own delightful fabric and color.

Socks the monkey is styled after the original sock monkey made so lovingly by moms and grandmoms for years previous but Ty Warner's sock monkey is a little different. They are a much more modern version of this collectible classic toy.

Ty Warner began marketing his tiny stuffed bean filled toys in 1993. His first creations were nine small flat plush animal toys which he put up for sale at the World State Fair in New York city.

He set a very reasonable price tag on his tiny plush toys as he wanted children to be able to afford them with their allowance. Turns out that this marketing plan was a success. The Ty Beanie Babies sold like hotcakes.As he brought out each new style of Beanie Baby it was met with the same success. The Ty Beanie Babies quickly became collectibles and everyone wanted to pick up the newest bean filled plush toy as it was introduced.
The Socks beanie babies sock monkey collection was introduced beginning January 1st 2011. Although a few sock monkeys feature a birth date for the year 2010 they actually hit the store shelves in 2011.

There are a variety of styles of this cute little monkey and they are all very individually unique. Featuring a variety of colors, sizes, and fabrics, this latest addition to the Beanie Baby line up are indeed cute little toys. It is a collectible that is small in size so easy to store or display.

Ty Warner wanted to create a small plush toy that children could afford to purchase with their allowance so his design was kept quite simple. The plush toys were small in size and filled with pellets rather than stuffing.Ty first introduced his tiny Beanie Babies to the public at the New York World Toy Fair in 1993.

His first 9 Beanie Babies were flat bean filled plush animals which Ty's competitors laughingly referred to as "Road Kill". Ty though was able to have the last laugh. Children loved his tiny plush beanies and they were an immediate success with consumers.

The original nine Beanie Babies were: Brownie the bear, Chocolate the moose, Flash the dolphin, Legs the frog, Squealer the pig, Splash the whale, Pinchers the lobster, Spot the dog, and a Platypus named Patti.
How to Make a Monkey: You Can Use Any Size or Color of Sock

The original stuffed monkey was made from a pair of old work socks. From those socks someone crafted a toy for a child. It is believed that it was sometime shortly after 1932 that the first sock toy was crafted from an old pair of red heeled De-Tec-Tip work socks.

The red heel of these work socks displayed ideally as the monkey's bright red mouth. The red heel of the De-Tec-Tip made them a popular choice for those who later also created their own sock monkey stuffed toys.

The De-Tec-Tip sock was the design of John Nelson who had patented his unique knitting machine in the U.S. in 1869. Working out of Rockford Illinois he used this machine to produce a line of knitted work socks that were distinct in that they were created with a seamless heel section.

The seemless work socks were so popular that many other companies began to copy his design so to keep his product original he began to produce his product with a distinctive red heel.

Because these red heeled socks were produced in Rockford they became known as Rockfords. These were the item that became the popular choice for the classic red mouthed sock monkey of yesteryear. Sock monkeys were the cuddly cute toy  that everyone could afford.

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