Cleo de Nile Egyptian Mummy Doll

Cleo de Nile is a teen Egyptian princess and quite a delightful inclusion into the Monster High doll line of toys. She is beautiful, bewitching, the captain of the fear-leading squad at Monster High school and a teen with a whole lot of attitude.

She is a ghoul princess who is both elegant and arrogant yet somehow manages to pull off her charmingly annoying attitude without a flaw. She's a diva with style.

Being the daughter of a mummy she is really not your typical high school teenager. With an impeccable sense for fashion and bandages floating half undone about her Cleo rules the school with a distinctly royal attitude. With her best friend Ghoulia at her side Cleo's goal is to bring the Monster High fear-leading squad into the top of its class.

Cleo de Nile is one of the ghoulish teens who attend Monster High school. She's an Egyptian princess who has parents who are mummies which naturally makes her a mummy too. This would of course explain why she has bandages floating gracefully around her whenever she walks by.

What she loves best at school is her position as captain of Monster High's Fearleading squad. She absolutely adores it. Her favorite subject at school is geometry, and her least favorite subject is history, like why study something you have already lived through right?

Which career path do you think Cleo de Nile should follow?

1. Fashion designer
2. Physical Education
3. instructor
4. Mall manager
5. Movie star
6. Queen of the Nile
7. Asp catcher
8. Hair Dresser.

Her personality is such that it could send her off into any number of great future careers. In addition to being multi-bandaged she is also multi-talented.

Cleo's boyfriend is Deuce Gorgon and her best friend is Ghoulia Yelps. She has a pet snake named Hissette who rumor has it may or may not bite if provoked. Only Cleo knows for sure.

Leader of the Fearleading Squad she is Dedicated to her Position

Cleo is somewhere around 5842 years old (it is hard to keep track after that many years). Her favorite food is grapes and her favorite color is gold (of course). She has fashion down to an art form. She absolutely adores the color gold and wears it every opportunity that she can. Cleo literally glitters in golden accents.
Egyptian princess or mummy? Cleo de Nile is both. She's an Egyptian princess as well as a mummy and she rules the halls of Monster High with a lofty attitude befitting her regal ancestry. The only ghoul at school who truly can get Cleo's bandages in a ruffle is her own dear sister Nefera.

Yes you heard me correctly. There are actually two de Nile sisters attending Monster High school and these two have a sibling rivalry that is unparalleled to any other. Cleo is constantly being tormented by her older sister Nefera is a little nastier in her intentions than Cleo could ever be.

Cleo de Nile and her Sister Neferia Have Serious Sibling Rivalry

The Mattel Monster High toy line has become seriously popular with tween age children. Many are keeping their dolls as collectibles even after they enter their teen years and have outgrown them as playthings. 

As each new style comes out it is added to the collection. Because new theme dolls are continuously coming out it keeps the popularity of these toys hot. Their fan base love them. Parents this is a great gift choice for tween girls. Whether you choose to select a doll, playset, theme clothing, books, or bedroom decor each is as popular as the other.

When life is making you crazy keep this tip mind: Don't get your bandages in a knot over the little creepy crawlies out there. Wait till the great big frothing at the mouth monster starts chewing on your left foot before you freak out. Then scream blue murder and run. Life should be fun! Get out and play every day.

Cleo de Nile Costume? It's Easier Than you Think.

Looking monsterously beautiful is mummifiably sweet. Stylish, fashionable, and typical Cleo de Nile. She's boo-ti-ful. Sure she is all wrapped up in herself but her look truly is to die for. Being mummified does have its very own distinct advantages. It is kind of like going shopping. All a person has to say is "Wrap it up!" and you are outfitted in true mummy style.

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