Draculaura Vampire Doll

She is one of the elite new crew of Monster High teen dolls and her games, toys, pet, costumes, videos, books, and other merchandise are eerily hot with tween age children. This toy line have become a popular collectible for them.

Draculaura one of my favorite Monster High dolls because she is indeed a real sweetheart. She is the daughter of vampire parents so logically a vampire herself but she is one with a very unique difference.

She has all the same interests and concerns that most teen girls do but Draculaura has a few extra weird and creepy twists to her personality thrown in too. Being a vampire can be a little difficult when you don't have the same appetite as others of your species do.

Delightfully charming with a little girl appeal she is a vampire who does not eat meat and who will faint at the mere scent of blood. Yuck, that is gross stuff. Being a teen vamp who isn't like other traditional vampires can cause a few issues to arise when she is interacting with members of her own species.

As with all the other dolls in this series she comes with a monster theme. Draculaura is a teen vampire who attends Monster High school. She was 1599 years old when she first started attending Monster High but she has recently celebrated her 1600th birthday (and what a party that was!)
She has a pet bat named Count Fabulous who is the cutest little bat flying around out there on two wings and as stated earlier she absolutely positively cannot stand the sight of blood so I am presuming that Count Fabulous must be a fruit bat. This would make him a herbivore.

Draculaura's Fashion Emergency

Draculaura's favorite color is pink. Because Draculaura loves the color pink she often wears pink clothing and accessories to help jazz up her basic black vampire attire. And yes the rumors are true, she dresses little Count Fabulous up in pink too. She is a teen ghoul who is the ultimate in cool.

As a vegan vampire she does not like the taste of blood. Uh yuck, don't even show her that stuff. Despite the fact that she is a vampire your neck is safe around her. She lives on a diet of fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

She is a vegan which means she does not eat hamburgers, hotdogs, steak, or even that big juicy bug that accidentally crawls by in her direction. No living or dead creatures on her dinner plate please. But for vampires giving up blood does have a few issues. Draculaura's diet requires large doses of iron supplements. It is one of the drawbacks of going green.

In case you did not know: Vegans eat vegetables. They do not eat any animal meat, dairy products, or eggs. Some vegetarians do include dairy, fish, and eggs in their diet because no animals are harmed when they consume these foods.

It really depends on your choices how rigid you are on a vegetable based diet plan. We are human and as such have to insure that we receive an adequate amount of protein. Although many vegetables do contain protein it can be difficult in a plant based diet to acquire a sufficient amount of quality protein so many include nutritional supplements into their diet plan.

S~P~O~O~K~Y it's Draculaura's Horrorscope

It is interesting to note that Draculaura's colors of pink and black are also those of the Monster High theme. Much of the merchandise connected with this group of dolls comes in this color scheme. This could be because Draculaura is one of the original dolls to become available to consumers. Now back to why she is such a special personality.
Draculaura has a fabulous boyfriend who really is head over heels in love with her. He is the dashing werewolf Clawd Wolf and other than the fact that he really enjoys gnawing out on huge chunks of meat they get along quite well. Clawd is a football hero at Monster High school and an all around good guy.

Draculaura gets along with most of the other students at school but she does have a couple of best ghoul friends there as well. Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf are her favorite ghoul friends and she spends quite a bit of her leisure time hanging out with them.

The subject that she most enjoys at school is creative writing while her least favorite subject at school is Geography (Like really...who needs to know where Transylvania is?).

Just like other vampire's before her Draculaura is unable to see her reflection and this handicap leaves her visibly shaken. How is a girl supposed to look gorgeous if she can't see her reflection in a mirror? It can be a real pain in the fangs. Putting on make-up can be very difficult.

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