Frankie Stein Doll

She was sewn together from assorted body parts. Monster High's Frankie Stein only has one tiny teeny little problem with being built from dead body parts. 

Her stitches keep coming loose and this causes her body parts to fall off at the most inconvenient times. It can be more than a little annoying. There really is nothing worse than to have a finger fall into your food or your arm fall off when you are waving at a friend. I am sure you get the picture and it isn't pretty.

A collectible toy for tween age kids Frankie Stein is one of the Monster High School teen dolls and she is a delightful addition to this crew of wonderfully ghoulish toys. Sweet of nature she has a lot of interests and concerns of typical teens with a few weird twists thrown into the mix.

Fortunately she is the type of personality that is quick to make adjustments so she doesn't let the little pains in life keep her down for too long. After all she is just newly built so you really do have to expect a few things to go wrong with a body till all the kinks get worked out of it.

Everything about life is new and exciting for her. Being only 15 days old she has so many new things to do. There are new fashions to check out, new hairstyles to model, new people to meet, and new foods to taste. It certainly makes life for a new ghoul monstrously fun. Newly built she is enjoying discovering her perfect lifestyle.

Frankie tried to choose just one color as her favorite but she loves black and white stripes so her favorite color is a combination of colors. Hmm now that is a funny choice isn't it?

Frankie's Monster Ick Project at School

We asked her about her favorite food but being only 15 days old she hasn't tasted enough food yet to be able to choose, but we are sure that she'll figure it out soon. She's pretty smart for a ghoul made out of dead body parts.

Did you know that electricity and water don't mix? Frankie was created when a bolt of lightening zapped her together. Getting zapped with electricity can do strange things to a ghoul's heart and mind ya' know. Heck, it's a real pain in a ghoul's heart so she is pretty quick to avoid any future strikes if she is able to.

Frankie Stein of course attends Monster High school. Her favorite subject is history while her least favorite subject is swimming (electricity and water just do not mix well). What do you think is the toughest thing about being Frankie Stein?

1. Having eyes that are two different colors. One is blue and one is green.
2. Major electric shocks in the swimming pool.
3. Having your stitches come undone. 
4. Losing your body parts.
5. Having your father greet you with, "It's Alive!".
6. Dead body odor. Ewww.

Monster High's Frankie Stein has a pet pooch named Watzit. He was sewn together from a variety of puppy body parts so no one is quite sure what his pedigree is but he sure is cute. Oh well, what is one to expect when you are a living creature pieced together from dead body parts. Ghoulish...simply ghoulish.

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