Venus McFlytrap a Green Doll

A doll with a strong environmental message to share Venus McFlytrap is one of the new lineup of teen Monster High School toys. She is a very Earthy person to say the least.

The original Venus doll has green skin and long flowing pink and green hair but her Ghoul Spirit doll is featured with red hair highlights. Each Venus McFlytrap doll though comes with its own unique look as is the standard with this fang-tastic product line. Mattel shows that being a freaky creature really can be kind of cool.

The daughter of monster plant parents Venus carries her green heritage with her where ever she goes. This teen ghoul brings with her a strong message of environmental awareness. She is eco friendly to the max.

With vines twining up her arms and legs Monster High's Venus McFlytrap is definitely a doll that gets noticed. She is gorgeous (for a plant monster that is).

Her favorite color is green as in 'Go Green' and like most plants her favorite food is a mixture of water and sunshine. Because environmental issues hit pretty close to home for Venus she is very passionate about the environment and extremely frustrated by those who don't follow the reduce, recycle, reuse rules.

She believes passionately in the power of green. In keeping with her love of foliage she even has plant for a pet. In true monster style though her plant is a unique and unusual one that perfectly suits her. It is a Venus Flytrap and he is one sweet little dude.

Venus Explains to Other Monsters Why Recycling is Important

Venus's kindness to the environment does not extend to non plant friendly insects though. Her pet Venus Flytrap plant is named Chewlian and he will snap down a creeping, crawling, or flying insect faster than lightening.

This is What a Real Venus Flytrap Plant Looks Like

Yes, this plant does enjoy a good meal or two of bugs when the opportunity presents itself. The leaves look like an open mouth and act much in the same manner when this plant feeds. The mouth will close on its prey and savor its meal.

Venus's pet is shown to the right. Cute huh? A real Venus flytrap plant is a carnivorous plant (in other words it eats meat) and it is the plant pictured above. It's kind of cute too.

Chewlian eats bugs too but only imaginary or cartoon ones. He sure is a cutie though and I can certainly see why Venus is so attached to her little pet plant. He's as adorable as she is.

She is a plant monster who really wants to see the Earth become a better place for all plants to live. Venus promotes the reduce, recycle, reuse, and go green themes with a vengeance. 

Otherwise she is a lot like other teen age ghouls, she gets up each morning and heads off to study hard at school. Her favorite subject at school is Biteology while her least favorite is Woodwork (Gasp! They kill trees for that class.)

Venus McFlytrap is a typical teenage. Well almost. She does have a few magical powers that she can use if the need arises. Venus has pollen power which she can use to influence people around her but she can only use it on one person at a time. Fortunately she gets along well with most of the other students at school so rarely has to use her powers of persuasion.
Her best ghoul friends at Monster High are Lagoona Blue, Draculaura, and Ghoulia Yelps (Her very best ghoul friend is Lagoona Blue) and the boy she likes is Gillington Gil Webber. They may seem like an odd group to be such great friends but they really do compliment each others personalities very well.
Venus is all for environmental awareness. Do you do your part for the environment?

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