Nefera de Nile Mummy Doll

Monster High's Nefera de Nile is an Egyptian mummy doll. She is also a royal princess and one with attitude. She can certainly get more than a little nasty when the mood strikes her.

Aristocratic and arrogant she is one of a new line of Monster High school teen dolls. These toys are a hot topic for tween girls who play, collect, and display these monstrously cool ghoul dolls.

Her appearance is regal but her temperament is far less than gracious toward her little sister Cleo. Nefera is Cleo de Nile's older sister and sibling rivalry definitely exists between these two. Nefera is first in line to the throne and happily loves to remind her younger sister of this fact every chance that she gets.

Bandages floating about them they are certainly a very unique addition to this line up of ghoul dolls. One thing that these two princesses have in common is that they are both Egyptian mummies. Their mommy is a mummy which means that they are as well. 

A mummy is a body that remains preserved and intact long after death. Egypt is famous for its ancient mummies. The hot climate and dry sand of Egypt kept dead bodies in a natural state of mummification when they were buried in sand pits thus making it the perfect local for these to be found there.

She is an Egyptian Princess With a Major Attitude Problem

In the Monster High toy series Nefera and Cleo de Nile are mummy sisters. They are Egyptian princesses and it shows in their personalities. Dressed fashionably and with bandages floating gracefully half unbound about them they rule the halls of Monster High school.

Nefera is definitely a princess with a distinctively haughty attitude. She loves being of royal heritage and is only to happy to inform people of her position. In keeping with her personality she also has a fabulous sense of fashion She loves the color gold and all things made of gold. Her favorite color though is Nile blue.

When it comes to school she will say that her favorite subject is Dragonology while her least favorite is dead languages (After all Nefera is around 5845 years old and by that age you really have heard just about every language that there is).

Being an Egyptian princess and a mummy too Nefera does have a distinctive air of royalty about her. She knows her royal destiny is to rule and she willingly practices for her future queenly duties over the other students at school.

She drives her sister Cleo crazy. Nefera seems to enjoy taunting and teasing her baby sister when there is no other target around for her to unleash on.

Her attitude is probably the reason that Nefera doesn't have a best friend. In fact she isn't too close to any other students at Monster High school but for some reason she seems to prefer it that way.

Nefera is a princess and she definitely has the attitude that those around her are inferior and deserve to be treated as such. Fortunately like all of the other Monster High students Nefera has a pet to keep her company. Her companion is a Scarab who's name is Azura.

Nefera and Cleo de Nile: Sibling Rivalry

Tip of the day: Don't get your bandages in a knot over the small stuff. Think regal. Keep your attitude positive and your heart proud. With the right attitude you can accomplish anything.

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