Ghoulia Yelps Zombie Doll

She's a zombie with a genius brain. Ghoulia Yelps truly is one of the more ghoulish of the new Monster High teens. She is a zombie doll with a distinct difference.

When I first watched the cartoon and heard Ghoulia's low moaning groaning zombie voice I thought I could never warm up to her so it surprised me how popular her character turned out to be. As a teen personality this girl is a genius.

Ghoulia is the 16 year old daughter of zombies and she really is kind of spooky. She is also thoughtful, helpful, kind of heart, and an intellectual genius. 

She works to solve many of the problems which arise at Monster High school as well as to help solve any issues that her ghoul friends may be encountering.

She truly is a sweetheart. Her moany voice still sends shivers down my spine when I hear it but I am starting to get used to it now that I know what a sweet ghoul she is. Her voice is enough to send shivers through the dead but that's just because she speaks Zombie which tends to slow her speech down to a long low moaning drawl. Zombies also move slower than normal people or other monsters do too. A zombie is a corpse (dead person) that comes back to life. They are the living dead. Eeeek! 

At Monster High They Have no Idea Just How Helpful Ghoulia is

 Fortunately Ghoulia is a genius so can make up for her flaws by using physics and her amazing computer skills to solve any problems that arise. She also has a very kind heart so she helps out her friends as well. As most of her friends can figure out what she is saying speaking zombie really isn't too much of an issue for her at school. 

There is a new crew of teen dolls on store shelves and they are known as the Monster High dolls. Ghoulia Yelps is one of these popular new collectibles for kids. She is a zombie and she is morbidly cool.
In people years Ghoulia is 16 years old. As do most of these dolls she also has her own pet. Her's is a pet owl named Sir Hoots A Lot who she absolutely adores. He suits her personality ideally.

She is a genius who loves keeping her mind busy learning new concepts so of course she enjoys attending Monster High School.

When asked what her favorite subject at school was she simply could not choose just one because she loves them all (she's a genius remember?)Which future career do you think Ghoulia should choose?

1. Physicist
2. Mad Scientist
3. Architect
4. President
5. Astronomer
6. Computer Programmer.

Ghoulia's very best friend is Cleo de Nile but she also gets along quite well with most of the other Monster High school students. I also heard a rumor that there are a couple of zombies there who have a real big crush on her and why wouldn't they? She is a knock-out (for a living-dead girl that is.)

Being a Genius Helps to Compensate For Her Being a Zombie

Considering that she is a slow moving zombie she has a very strange fascination for fast food. She loves it. She also loves the color red and you will notice that she owns quite a few different colored pairs of horn rim glasses besides just her favorite red pair. If you like zombies you will love Ghoulia. She's a sweetie.

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