Lagoona Blue Sea Creature Doll

Monster High's Lagoona Blue doll really is blue. By that I mean that her skin is a pale baby blue and she's also got fins just like a fish has too. That's because she is the daughter of a sea monster.

She inherited a lot of her sea creature traits from her parents but she unfortunately didn't turn out to be a mermaid she is instead just one super sweet blond haired, green eyed, scaly skinned salt water sea creature.

Although she does need to hop into water on a regular basis she can be on land for extended periods of time. This is a very good thing because it allows her time to attend school along with the rest of her teen monster ghoul friends.

A few normal folks may think that Lagoona is kind of a creepy doll but her fans know how beautiful her personality and appearance is. She is one of the dolls in the Monster High collection and highly popular with tween age girls.

Lagoona Blue isn't your average teen monster. She isn't like most monsters because there just isn't anything scary about her. Other than the fact that she is blue, has fins, and is some weird kind of fish creature that is.

Do you Know What is in the Deep end of the Pool?

She really is just an everyday teen monster. She goes to school, participates in sports (swimming is her favorite) and loves to dress up in the coolest of fashions. She likes to hang out with her friends and loves to rock out at cool parties whenever she gets the opportunity.

Her pet is a little creepy if you ask me. She has a piranha named Neptuna. Lagoona also has a pet frog that she rescued from biology class. Her frog is a little weird too as he has 3 eyes rather than the customary 2.

Lagoona is the daughter of a sea monster so of course water is one of her favorite things. It is simply logical that her favorite color is blue, she loves to swim, her favorite food is sushi, and Oceonography is her favorite subject in school too.

When you enjoy the water as much as Lagoona does it sort of rubs off on all the things that you like to do.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering what her least favorite subject in school is, it's Geography. Gosh, why would anyone be interested in studying rocks and stuff when they could be studying the oceans? Some folks are so silly huh?

Lagoona is also very environmentally friendly and it really bothers her when people pollute the oceans. Sea creatures have to eat and breath in there ya' know!
Life isn't always easy for a sea creature on land. Monster High's Lagoona Blue quickly discovered that her skin has a really bad tendency to dry up when she out of the water for too long. It's really rough on the scales so she has to be constantly applying moisturizers to her skin. Gosh, she probably keeps more than a couple of skin care product companies in business with the amount of lotion that she uses.
She has a Crush and Can You Guess on Who?

Another problem with being the daughter of a sea monster is that her hair does really wacky things in the local swimming pool. It turns out that her blond hair streaks with some weird color of blue when it is exposed to chlorine. It's a real monstrous situation but what is a teen sea creature do if she wants to spend time with her friends?

She has a high risk of dehydration so she does own her own personal hydration station for emergency re-hydration. This play set is available along with a variety of other Monster High theme accessories. Each doll comes with his or her unique set of add ins and there is also a Monster High School play set available as well.

If you have a girl between the ages of 7 and 12 then the Mattel collection of Monster High dolls are a delightful gift choice. These toys have become quite collectible by their tween fan base and it seems they can never have too many to put on display. Each doll is so very unique.

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