Robecca Steam Robot Doll

Robecca Steam is one of the new Monster High School teen dolls. These toys have become a highly popular collectible of tween and early teen girls. Their theme is ghoulish but the issues and concerns discussed are relevant to real kids. It's a toy they can relate to.

As is typical of these teen age monster dolls each is uniquely special and Robecca is indeed very different from the other ghouls. She's a living robot. 

Her parents are mad scientists who enjoy experimenting in robotics so just for fun they built themselves a robot daughter. Turbo boost - nuts and bolts - What else could a girl long for?

Other than truly dreading rainy days Robecca doesn't mind being created from bits and pieces of scrap metal. It gives her the distinction of being steam punk which is kind of cool.

She also has turbo boost in her knee high boots and that is technology that is simply to die for. She can move faster than a vampire being chased by white hot gamma rays.

With her turbo power boost boots on her feet Robecca Steam can dash pretty fast around the halls at Monster High School. She is 116 years old but you can't tell it by talking with her although she is a pretty old fashioned and she tends to like it that way.

Don't get Your Fangs in a Fix Girl!
Her favorite class at school is Metal shop while her least favorite subject is Home Ick (Maybe it's the fact that water and metal don't often mix together too well that brings this on?) There is absolutely nothing worse than rusting first thing in the morning. Gosh how awful that is.

Robecca Steam's favorite metal is copper. What is yours?

1. Platinum. It is practically perfect.

2. Gold. Only precious metals for me.

3. Silver. I like the way it gleams in the sunlight.

4. Bronze. I'm from the stone age.

5. Copper. It really is a cool metal.

6. Aluminum. It's trashy classy.

Being a robot does have one good advantage to it Robecca does not require food to survive so she doesn't have to worry about being hungry or eating. She does admit to enjoying a nice hot cup of ginger tea though. It is the one food she can't resist.

Being a real sweetheart Robecca Steam gets along pretty well with all the students at Monster High School. Her best ghoul friends there are Rochelle Goyle and Frankie Stein.
Like most of the other Monster High teenage dolls Robecca has a special pet of her own. Her pet is a small robot penguin named Captain Penny and this little robotic birdy is just oh so cute. Captain Penny also has turbo boost power just like her master so she and Robecca can dash off at turbo speed whenever the mood takes them.

Did I happen to mention that Robecca's boots are turbo boosted so she can fly at turbo boost speed? This girl can move around school like you cannot believe. I don't think that she has ever been late for a class. Robecca Steam is one of the unique Monster High dolls and she is delightfully fun.

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