Abbey Bominable Yeti Doll

Monster High's Abbey Bominable is one seriously gorgeous ghoul doll. With a mane of long flowing hair that glitters and sparkles like newly fallen snow she is a teen Yeti who is portrayed as being constantly surrounded by a light falling of glistening snow crystals. 

Like most of the dolls in this toy line up she is highly popular with tween age girls.

Born high in the Himalaya mountains Abbey is definitely a cool ghoul. Being always surrounded by ice and cold she is very icy cold to the touch of others. This can be a little shocking for her classmates who may not have been pre-warned of her frigid demeanor. I mean like really, how cool can a ghoul be in school?

Abbey Bominable voyaged down from the high mountain ranges of her homeland to attend Monster High School along side the other teenage monsters and ghouls. But Abbey finds that she misses the high mountain peaks she used to roam as well as the ice and cold snowy weather of her homeland very much.
Abbey Bominable is one of a new class of teen age monster dolls and she is cool. Born in the Himalaya mountains of Yeti parents she of course herself is also one. A Yeti is a creature similar to the Abominable Snowman. They generally look like a giant hairy white ape and prefer to live in a very cold climate.

Abbey's favorite subject at Monster High school is math while her least favorite subject is drama (Like what a waste of energy and oxygen that class is). She has quite a heavy accent when she speaks as she adjusts to living in a new country to further her education at the Monster High School.

Abbey's First Day of Monster High School Didn't Start Off Too Well

She enjoys spending time with her friends and after school you will generally find her enjoying the company of her pet wooly mammoth Shiver. Her favorite color is ice blue, her favorite food is pancakes and Yak cheese, and her favorite activity is snow boarding. Go figure huh?

Something to Ponder
What do you think Abbey's ice cold touch should be called? 
  1. Freeze Frame
  2. Icy Cool Touch
  3. Frigid Fingers
  4. Spine Tingling
  5. Frozen North 
Fortunately she is a cold creature with a warm heart. It isn't always easy being the only Yeti at school. She has learned to adapt to a much warmer climate than that which she enjoyed in the high mountains of her Himalayan homeland. It has made her become more understanding of the distinct differences of the other ghouls in school.
 Abbey Bominable is very short on words but fortunately the other ghouls are understanding of her literary short comings and don't often take offense to her blunt manner of speech. Her best friends are Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue but she gets along quite well with most of the ghouls at school.

Abbey has fashion frozen in its tracks. Most folks don't know it but the ice crystal that Monster High's Abbey Bominable always wears is more than just a fashionable piece of jewelry, it keeps the coldness of her home constantly surrounding her. Now how cool is that?

Her fabulous fashion sense doesn't stop there, Abbey's clothes are styled in the most beautiful of fake furs, and they are stunning. Why fake? Hey it's faux fur all the way for Abbey's wardrobe because wearing the real deal would be just oh so wrong. She may be a Yeti but she's a Yeti with a very big heart.

Abbey is drop dead gorgeous. Her multi colored mane of hair has glistening snowy highlights which make it shine attractively in the first rays of morning sunshine (or in the moonlight too). She is one of the most freakishly fascinating ghouls at Monster High school.

This Teen Yeti Acts a Little Different Than Most Teens

She is available in a variety of fashions and themes. Her beautiful hair and clothing sparkle in the sunlight like frost sparkles on new snow or a cool blue mountain pool. She is beautiful shimmery glimmery cool.

She is one of the coolest girls at Monster High School (chilly that is). Abbey Bominable has come down from high in the Himalayan mountains to attend school with the other ghouls.

Her beautiful frost tipped hair shimmers in the sunlight but she is the kind of ghoul who much prefers the icy cold to the warmth of a sunny day. 

Abbey's favorite sport is snowboarding so when she hits the slopes you can bet that she is styling as only a monster can be. When it is nap time where else is she going to sleep but on a bed of ice. Brrrr... now that is cold.

These dolls are very popular with tween and early teen girls. The monster theme may seem a little ghoulish but they actually come with personalities that kids can relate to. Many of the issues discussed in their videos and movies are things kids deal with everyday in real life. A toy with a message these dolls have become quite collectible by those who play with them.

Check out Abbey's Ice Cold Make-up Tutorial

 Chilly words: Words that sound the same are known as synonyms and these are a few to describe how it feels when you get a chill.

Brisk Cold Chilly Freezing Frosty Frigid Glacial Icy Nippy Polar Shivery Wintery

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