Spectra Vondergeist Ghost Doll

Spectra Vondergeist is one of the hauntingly beautiful teen age dolls who attends Monster High school. These monstrously cool dolls popped out of nowhere and became popular before parents barely knew that they existed. They are a hot collectible for tween girls 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

One of the most fascinating things about Spectra Vondergeist is that she is a ghost doll which is in itself quite unusual. In her world it gives her the wonderful opportunity to fade in, out, and through the walls of Monster High keeping her always in the know as to the latest happenings at school. It is for this reason that she is known as the Ghostly Gossip.

Spectra is hip to all the upcoming parties, she knows who is dating who, who is happy, who is sad, and well just about anything that is everything going on at Monster High school.She shares her wealth of knowledge with the other students by publishing all the latest happenings in her Behind the Screams gossip column. (But you didn't hear that from me.)

She is the ghoul who wanders through the walls at school. Although not too many people have actually seen Spectra Vondergeist she is indeed known to exist (Or to have pre-existed).

Spectra is a teen ghost who haunts the classrooms and halls of Monster High school. You could say that she is a free spirit. Being a ghost it is really difficult to be a part of the goings on at Monster High so she enjoys watching and blogging about all the latest news in school.

She has the Amazing Ability to See What Others Don't
Spectra carries a camera with her everywhere she goes and snaps pics of all the hottest happenings to include into her daily blogs. For this reason she is also known by the nickname of "The Ghostly Gossip".

Spectra is one of the many teen ghouls who attend Monster High School but she does it with a bit of a twist. You see she is a ghost so she is not visible to many of the students there. You have heard of people going out of their mind well a ghost is a spirit that goes out of its body. 

Like most ghosts she loves flowing clothes and the rattling sound of chains. Silk is one of her favorite fabrics (adorned with chain accents of course) while violet is her favorite color. These tend to create her ultimate ghostly effect.

She has a pet ferret named Rhuen who is also a ghost. Who would have guessed? This haunting duo enjoy their time floating about the halls of Monster High.

Spectra's love of being in the know may explain why her favorite subject at school is journalism. Her least favorite subject is math simply because she isn't able to manipulate facts as easily as she can the stories she leaks out in her behind the screams gossip column (Ooops did I say gossip?).
Spectra would never admit to spreading gossip. She takes her journalism work very seriously and is quite offended when someone hints that her coverage of the news may not be all that accurate.

Oh well, she can always soothe her dampened spirit with a nice big slice of Angel food cake which is her absolute most favorite food but you didn't hear that from me either. 

What do you think Spectra's blog should be called?

1. The Nightly Scream

2. The Ghostly Howl

3. Ghoulish Gossip

4. Teen Scream

5. Monster High Musings

Poor Spectra. It can be a real headache to be a ghost when it comes to looking good. It is tough to be stylish when you have to be seen to be believed and she spends at least half her time invisible. How monstrously uncool is that. 

She is drop dead gorgeous in ghostly fashions but so very few folks know it. Her fashion style will leave you feeling completely invisible as well. Her outfits are a true vision to behold if you are able to catch a peek at them. 

Spectra Vondergeist Halloween Costume Makeup Tutorial

Pull in your fangs and sharpen up your claws because her look is simply to die for. For Halloween kids can polish up their claws to have the paws that freak out the other ghouls at school. Ideal for Halloween or everyday dress up. Mattel keeps their Monsters kid friendly.

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